On the Needles This Week 01-04-13

On the Needles 01-04-13

On the Needles 01-04-13

Looks like it’s going to be a busy week ahead for me! Various projects on the go in various stages of completion. First up for me to finish are these adorable little mittens. They’re for a child aged 4-6 but other sizes are as always available. All these little cuties need are some adorable little flowers to top them off. These should be available in the Etsy shop later on today!

Purple Kids Mittens Age 4-6

Purple Kids Mittens Age 4-6

Next on the “To Do List” for this week are these lovely soft convertible mitts. One is completed and being blocked as I type and I’ll be casting on the second mitt as soon as the little purple ones are finished. These should be available in the shop by the end of the week all things going to plan!

Convertible Mitt's in Progress

Convertible Mitt’s in Progress

This Wave Pattern Cowl is my “On the Go” project that lives in my handbag and gets pulled out whenever I’m out and about and get chance to sneak in a row or two of knitting. It’s been on the needles for a while now so I’ll either have to get out more or just finish it off at home! This will also hopefully be my first published pattern so once I have that up online I’ll be sure to post the links here!

Wave Pattern Cowl

Wave Pattern Cowl

And last but certainly not least are a hat and scarf pattern I’m working on for a customer. Really looking forward to getting the needles out on this one and doing up a few sample swatches. She has some lovely ideas of what she wants so am very excited about putting my ideas together with hers and seeing the finished project! It’s what I love most about knitting design, you can never be 100% sure what your finished project is going to look like until you’ve actually finished it. I’ll definitely be keeping you up to date with this as it unfolds!

New Ideas in the Making

New Ideas in the Making

As well as all this I have college projects to get done, a house to tidy, a four year old to entertain and enjoy my last bit of holiday time before getting back to the grindstone next week! May be a good idea for me to get a move on then!



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