Time for a change!

So after a few unsavoury comments about hair infestations being made to me about “Aimee’s Knits” I spend a sleepless night trying to think of a new name. I like the idea of using actual stitch names but unfortunately, there’s not many knit stitches that are very catchy so I ran a couple of ideas past my ever so lovely and amazing boyfriend. One of the ideas was “Knitwise” and he asked me what that meant so I explained how slipping a stitch knitwise twists a stitch and just like that, without losing a wink of sleep, he came up with “Twisted Stitches” So I’ll be leaving all branding to him from now on and I’ll juts stick to what I do best, knitting 🙂

The facebook name has been changed as well so if you’re looking for me on it just type in “Twisted Stitches” instead of “Aimee’s Knits” and I’ve set up a new e-mail at twistedstitches13@gmail.com and the new Etsy shop is http://www.etsy.com/shop/TwistedStitchesEire





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