A Bit Off Course But A Cause Well Worth Getting Behind!

Save Ryan and Ethan Appeal

“Ryan and Ethan Caulfield McCormack from Tramore, Co.Waterford, were recently diagnosed with Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD). ALD, is a deadly genetic disease that affects 1 in 18 000 people. It most severely affects boys and men. This brain disorder destroys myelin, the protective sheath that surrounds the brain’s neurons — the nerve cells that allow us to think and to control our muscles. ALD causes relentless progressive deterioration to a vegetative state or death, usually within five years. It knows no racial, ethnic or geographic barriers.
Prognosis for patients with childhood cerebral X-ALD is generally poor due to progressive neurological deterioration unless bone marrow transplantation is performed early.There is presently no cure for ALD.
We are currently raising funds to cover the remaining costs of the transplants (1.5 million a head, some of which is being paid by medical insurance). We, as a community have vowed not to have either boy denied treatment due to lack of funds. Any donations, big or small are appreciated. Caroline, Jimmy and family would like to thank everyone for the overwhelming support they have received since the boys’ diagnosis.” – from the Save Ryan and Ethan Appeal Facebook page 

Ok, now you know the cause, here’s how you can help these two wonderful boy. Propeller Palms  a local band have just released their new single “Sometimes” on iTunes in aid of this great appeal. 100% of proceeds from single sales will go towards the appeal. So not only do you get to help a great cause you get a great tune to listen to as well 🙂 To download the single all you need to go is go to the photo below which will bring you to iTunes where you can buy the single

For more information on the appeal check out the Facebook page at Save Ryan and Ethan Appeal or the website at www.saveryanandethan.com

To find out more about the band check out their Facebook page or their website at www.propellerpalms.com

Please help out this great cause, it’s only 99c and it will really help give these two boys a fighting chance.

Thank you!



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