On The Needles This Week 22-04-13

On The Needles 22-04-13

On The Needles 22-04-13

I’m a little bit late this week but here it goes anyway! Last week’s knitting time was interrupted by college, head colds, rehearsals and lost dogs and this weeks knitting time looks like it’s going to be interrupted by much the same thing (minus the lost dogs hopefully and the rehearsals will be replaced by concerts!) I’ll be having withdrawal symptoms by the end of it. Bring on summer I say!

Half way there!

Half way there!

I’ve finally reached the half-way mark with the scarf and hopefully after this week I’ll have more evening time to get the second half finished soon. Then it will be on to the hat! I am very happy with how it is turning out though 🙂


This poor cowl is long awaiting arrival in the shop and hopefully fingers crossed it will be up next week. I’m just working out some ideas for a flower to use as a brooch and given that my crochet skills are a bit undeveloped it’s taking me longer than anticipated! But I’m pretty sure what I want now so it’s just a matter of getting it done!  But customer orders are my priority so for now I’ll be focusing on the scarf for the moment!


I’ve decided to say farewell to the gloves and mittens until Autumn and have ripped what I had done of the little glove. Finally starting to get some Spring weather here so I’ll be working on some ideas for Spring/Summer knitted accessories! I’m always open to ideas so if there’s anything you’d like to see in the shop now’s the time to tell me!

I’m off to do a bit of study and then steal some knitting time for myself!



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